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Aaron Rohrbacher

Aaron Rohrbacher

CEO/CTO, Nuel Cloud Computing

Thanks for taking some time to read about Nuel’s exciting new proprietary software, WP2S3. We’ve bridged a major gap between WordPress, which is a backend-heavy PHP and mySQL application, and Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage solution, known as S3. In doing so, we’re excited to be rolling out an UNLIMITED WordPress storage plan, available to all customers.

How does it work?

WordPress is actually just a very well-developed PHP application. It runs on what is knows as a LAMP stack, which stands for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.” While this stack is outdated by most modern web development standards, Nuel recognizes that an estimated 37% of all websites and a whopping 60% of content management systems (CMS) rely on WordPress or WordPress APIs to function. While we most certainly recommend using a VPC in AWS for more advanced or more scalable applications, WordPress and PHP aren’t going anywhere for quite a while. In fact, both are still very actively developed.

The biggest problems that bring clients to Nuel Cloud Computing are storage and server-related. They’ve come to us from Godaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc., with one of two problems: “my site keeps going down,” or “storage is too limited and expensive.” While most “hosting companies” provide shared hosting (we are no exception), they also tend to use their own data centers, or leased data centers, which are impossible to properly manage. At Nuel Cloud Computing, we harness the power of AWS to scale our shared hosting services on-demand, monitored and managed by software engineers, meaning that there is always enough computing power to keep your application running smoothly. But we have the same high storage costs as the other guys! Not only is it expensive to store your WordPress media files on general-purpose SSD storage, but it’s also very taxing on the computer to load and send that media each time PHP asks for it.

That’s where Nuel Cloud Computing WP2S3 comes in. While there are WordPress plugins that will store your media in an s3 bucket, the effective ones are incredibly expensive. Like, $1100/year expensive, looking at the WP Offload Media plugin. Further, the WP Offload Media plugin requires you to properly configure your S3 bucket in the AWS console, and then to configure WP Offload Media to use it. Even further, the WP Offload Media Lite version will only transfer newly uploaded files to your S3 bucket, meaning that all of your previous media is still taking up space in your hosting plan, and costing massive loading time and CPU usage. Nuel’s proprietary software solves all of these problems. Built right in to your hosting plan, with no configuration, and no plugins. And, we include your personal S3 bucket! All of your WordPress media files are automatically moved to S3, and WordPress itself is configured to load these files from the public portion of your S3 bucket Again, no configuration, no plugins. What does that mean for you? It means UNLIMITED WordPress storage, and the FASTEST shared hosting experience on the market. Welcome to Nuel.

Thanks again for taking some time to learn about Nuel Cloud Computing and WP2S3. Please know that our software engineers are here to help any time, just click on the “Support” link in the navbar above. Even if you’re not our customer yet! Happy coding!

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