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Introducing Nuel WP2S3

Cloud First Technology

Your WordPress Media files are stored in your INCLUDED S3 bucket. This means UNLIMITED WordPress Storage. No plugins, no configuration. Welcome to Nuel.

The Fastest WordPress on the Market

We harness the power of AWS to deliver the FASTEST available shared hosting platform.

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What makes Nuel Different?

Using WordPress? Welcome to Nuel WP2S3!
Our proprietary software delivers UNLIMITED WordPress storage, leveraging the power of Amazon S3

Shared cPanel Hosting

Finally, cloud-based infrastructure that works.

AWS Cloud Computing

Time to move beyond shared hosting?

UNLIMITED WordPress Storage

Now featuring Nuel's proprietary software WP2S3, your WordPress just got a WHOLE lot better. Unlimited storage, harnessing the power of AWS S3. No plugins, no configuration.

Harness the power of the cloud

From shared cPanel hosting to your own full-fledged AWS VPC, we'll pay your technical debt and get you up to speed.

Use our software engineers

Reaching the limits of shared hosting? Let our software engineers get you in the cloud today. Use the best technologies, without an in-house engineering team.

Security first

Our engineers have worked with the biggest banks in the world to ensure unbeatable security and safety.

AWS Cloud Computing

Harness the power of AWS. Get out of technical debt, and get in the cloud now. From simple EC2 instance cloud servers, to full-fledged serverless lambda services, we'll set your VPC up in the fastest, most secure environment needed.

Unbeatable support

Get support from software engineers, not clerks. We're here to solve your problems, not create more.

We've bridged the gap between WordPress and AWS S3. Welcome to Nuel WP2S3.

Using WordPress?

Now featuring Nuel's proprietary WP2S3! Your WordPress Media is automatically stored in your included AWS S3 bucket, meaning UNLIMITED storage and bandwidth.

No plugins. No configuration. Welcome to Nuel.

Featuring Nuel's Proprietary WP2S3 software. Don't pay for WP Media Offload. No Plugins. No configuration

Stores WordPress Media in your INCLUDED S3 bucket

 Private Cache

UNLIMITED subdomains

cPanel and LiteSpeed Web Server

 Database Optimization


No Configuration

Unbeatable speed

No Plugins

LiteSpeed Server-Side Caching - AND S3 storage

Managed WordPress

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Great Reviews

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We switched over from BlueHost to Nuel, and we have zero complaints. Everything is better; customer service, speed, and features. We recommend this provider to every new client we get!

Adam W., muON Marketing


Absolutely amazing speeds and terrific customer service! We have multiple websites on their Standard Plan and we are loving every second! The loading speed is lighting fast and the platform is easy to use.